Customer Accolades

We've talked a lot about Auction Wizard® 2000 on this website. Repeatedly, we've touted the features and made claims about the incredible power of the program. And it has all been from our point of view. It's time for you to hear what actual Auction Wizard 2000 users are saying.

What follows on this page are actual comments that users have sent to us. See the Discussion Boards page for other resources where you can read about the real-world experiences of users putting Auction Wizard 2000 to work. Discussion boards are a fantastic resource to check out what people are saying - and you can ask your own questions, too!

The following excerpts are from real e-mail messages we have received from real Auction Wizard 2000 users:

"I have tried a dozen other programs including Auctiva (eBud & ePoster), Shooting Star, Auction Trakker, Auction Tamer, eBasics, kAuction, Auction Database, Auction Watch, Auction Amigo, and Auction Commander. But, nobody comes close to the features and strengths of Auction Wizard 2000."

"Auction Wizard 2000 is one of the most valuable pieces of software I've ever bought. It has changed my life."

"It used to take me an average of 30 minutes per auction to manage the myriad details. Now I'm spending 5 minutes per auction. Since I run 30 auctions a week, you're saving me 13 hours a week."

"I found Auction Wizard 2000 brilliantly intuitive and flexible. The help files are beautifully done. So in spite of quite a bit of power and complexity in the software, I didn't have to work very hard to learn it."

"I have been using an online [auction management] service... and I am looking for a software alternative so I don't have to depend on someone else... Your software came highly recommended."

"Anyone who is thinking of using Auction Wizard 2000 cannot go wrong. I have looked at and used many auction management software solutions. The search ended here."

"Auction Wizard 2000 is by far the most powerful and feature- packed program. There isn't any aspect of the auction process that this program doesn't address superbly."

"I have spruced up my ads' aesthetics but more importantly, I've streamlined the whole process thanks to Auction Wizard 2000. I am a total internet newbie but this program and the superb technical support has helped me learn a wealth of knowledge. You simply can't go wrong. This is by far the best and fastest tech support around."

"eBay bumped us up to Power Seller Silver status this week. Thanks for providing the software [Auction Wizard 2000] that has helped to make it possible."

"I used [Auction Wizard 2000] for the full trial period before purchasing it. I was averaging 5 concurrent auctions before I started using AW2K. AW2K took me to 50 or so concurrent auctions in less time spent."

"Since I'm a relatively small-time seller with limited funds, I thought I'd save on the purchase price and do without it when the trial ended. I quickly realized how much of my time it took just to complete the few outstanding auctions left. Needless to say I had to purchase the program if I wanted to continue selling in higher volume."

"[Auction Wizard 2000] is a fabulous program. In all my years of doing computer stuff, from way back before the 'web' was barely known and having to jump thru loops just to get email for my bulletin board, I have seldom seen such a great and well-working program. It makes auction management a pleasure and I REALLY enjoy using it!"

"I am so thrilled with the program [Auction Wizard 2000]! I actually now can take a day off every week with the time I am saving. I should send you a present!"

"I'm teaching another eBay seller how to use your software in a couple of weeks. I have many more free hours, thanks to you."

"I love this program! [Auction Wizard 2000] does more than the four separate software programs I had been using. I've been using it for about two weeks and I'm continuously surprised at the power it has. You guys have included just about everything..."

"You are the best! I have never in my life had a software package supported the way you support yours. Such prompt and quick replies, patches, updates and revisions - makes my head spin."

"WOW! If tech support is this good for the evaluation users, I can just imagine what it's like for the registered ones! No, I am sure you take care of ALL your users."

"This is great! I am so excited about this program, and now I am sure it's the one I want. I will spread the word about its performance, and the awesome technical support."

"The response time [for technical support] was sometimes scary with how fast you got back to me. There are four of us here that have switched from AAPro to Auction Wizard 2000, and even my son, who is a skeptic at heart and doesn't like change, is so glad that he did. His comment was, 'It is easier, faster, and it WORKS.' Coming from him, believe me, that is a compliment of the highest kind."

"And ~thank you~ for such a wonderful program, that allows me more time to make a living!"

"I just wanted to say thanks and also for the excellent job you and your staff do on the updates and all of eBay's little glitches."

"Auction Wizard 2000 is by far the best all-around program for anyone's internet auction needs. And the tech support is 'THE BEST' from any software company that I have ever dealt with."

"By the way, your program is so effective that we have been able to achieve the eBay Power Seller status. All around program and great tech support, some of the other software companies should use you as a role model. "

"You guys did a wonderful job on this program. I've tried them all, from the early batch that came out in the late '90's to the new ones, this is absolutely the best."

"Thank you so much for your help. I nominate you for the 'best online support ever' award! Not only did you reply in a timely manner but you answered my questions with perfect detail which is rather abnormal for help with an online program."

"I must tell you that I've never received such wonderful support on any software (or anything else for that matter). I can't recommend your terrific program (and the tech support) highly enough. Thanks for making life so much easier!"

"Thanks for all your hard work keeping Auction Wizard 2000 current. I don't suppose you have any 8x10 signed glossies hanging around. I know that someday you are going to be an icon in the world of auctions, and I want to have your picture to sell on eBay"

"Seriously, It's great to work with such a great program and have the tech support you and your staff offer."

"I just wanted to thank you for such a great program . I think it's wonderful the way you get the fixes done faster than eBay does for their seller program, and best of all, your fixes work!"

"You and your company rate A++++++ with me ."

"I've been so busy with my 75+ auctions per week, that I have not taken the time to GRACIOUSLY THANK YOU for the fine finished version of Auction Wizard 2000. Everything is working flawlessly."


We look forward to hearing from you, too. If you'd like to see your comments here, you've got to become an Auction Wizard 2000 user. Download the fully functional 60-day trial, then let us know what you think!