There are specific requirements for the computer on which Auction Wizard® 2000 will be installed. You must also have an Internet account with an ISP, plus:

  • An Email account that supports POP3 (for receiving Email) and SMTP (for sending Email)

  • Web space that supports FTP for storing the images that will appear in your listings (optional).

Minimum System Requirements:

  • Windows 7, Windows 8.1, Windows 10 or Windows 11

  • 1 GHz or faster CPU
  • 1GB RAM (4GB for Windows 11)
  • 1GB free disk space (or more, if you plan on adding a large number of images to your database)
  • 32MB video card
  • 1024 x 720 or larger Desktop Area
  • A properly configured connection to the Internet (dial-up networking, DSL, cable modem, etc.)
Recommended System:
  • Windows 10 or Windows 11
  • 2 GHz or faster CPU
  • 4GB or more RAM
  • 2GB or more free disk space
  • 64MB video card
  • 1920 x 1080 or larger Desktop Area
  • A broadband Internet connection (DSL, cable modem, etc.)

Important Note:
In order to install Auction Wizard 2000 you must have administrative rights.

Important Note Regarding Images:
You will need a digital camera and/or a scanner to acquire the images you plan to include in your auction listings and (optional) websites.