The Official Auction Wizard® 2000

Discussion Board

In the course of developing Auction Wizard 2000 our user base has grown to represent users from all walks of life and many different businesses. Each person has a unique skill level and familiarity with computers and new software. The common thread is the use of our software.

While many companies might think of users as just numbers or "market share," we like to think of Auction Wizard 2000 users as a community. To bolster this sense of unity, we encourage users to communicate, share ideas, and give their insight into getting the most from the program.

The Official Auction Wizard 2000 discussion board will put you in contact with other users. Many are experienced users who have discovered new methods of harnessing Auction Wizard 2000's power. Many are new users who have questions common to learning a new piece of software. All of them, however, share the common bond of using the most exciting auction management solution available today.

Drop in, introduce yourself, ask a question or maybe even answer one!

Welcome to the community.

While we hope this forum will serve to supplement our top-notch technical support, we realize that some questions require special attention. If you have a question or problem that needs an immediate response, please contact Auction Wizard 2000 Technical Support directly.