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Auction Wizard 2000 is the complete auction management solution for eBay, eBay Stores and Overstock.com Auctions. It is the most feature-rich auction management software of its kind and surpasses all others in function, stability, and ease of use.

The philosophy behind Auction Wizard 2000 is to empower online auction sellers with the best tools and the best support in the greatest number of markets. That empowerment has resulted in the emergence of a bona fide community of online auction sellers who have heard the rallying cry behind Auction Wizard 2000 and have made their own voices heard. From chat rooms to conventions, users are talking about us, and here are just a few of the compelling reasons why:

Power, presence, choice.
Auction Wizard 2000
makes managing auctions and creating an impressive appearance easy. And we don't lock you into a single auction site. You have the power to choose where your online fees are best spent, how you market, and what audience you reach.

Professional tools in a single package.
No other auction management program contains the full suite of tools available in Auction Wizard 2000. From the email system to the image editor, the listing creator (with dozens of customizable templates) to the report generator, and the FTP manager to the powerful database, Auction Wizard 2000 comes complete and ready to use, right out of the virtual box.

Total control of your auction data.
Auction Wizard 2000 is a program that resides on your computer. Since you have total control of your data, you don't have to rely on a website or a service to handle sensitive financial records. Nor do you have to create your listings on their time with their restrictions. Prepare your sale items offline, then list them all at your convenience.

Support and updates that are second-to-none.
Great service is the hallmark of a great product, and we strive to keep every aspect of Auction Wizard 2000 in top-notch order for the best functionality in the fastest time possible. Support and updates are available to every user whether you have registered the product or are still within your 60-day trial period. It really doesn't get much better than this. In addition to an extensive help system within the program, support through email, and a growing volume of information on this website, there is a friendly community of users who actively support each other with answers to questions and helpful hints. Click here to learn more about them.

60 days of obligation-free trial.
Download it. Try it. Get a feel for how well Auction Wizard 2000 performs the tasks that no other software can do, and do it at your leisure. We know that you'll be impressed, and you'll see how much time and money you can save by working more efficiently.

Take the time to explore our site, see what our customers have to say, and look at the features of Auction Wizard 2000. Then, take it for a test drive. Or, if you're convinced already, click here to start your download now!

The Official Auction Wizard 2000 Discussion Board

The Official Auction Wizard 2000 Discussion Board is open to anyone interested in learning more about tapping into all the powerful features of the most complete auction management software solution. Managed by the Auction Wizard team, the board is our community-driven support resource.

New users, potential users and seasoned Auction Wizard 2000 veterans are all encouraged to ask questions, get and give answers, share ideas, discuss the use and benefits of the software, and get input straight from the Auction Wizard developers.

Auction Wizard 2000 Web Banners Now Available

Several enthusiastic Auction Wizard 2000 users have requested a means to show their support for our program. We're absolutely flattered by this type of gesture.

In response, we've prepared a selection of banners for use on your website. Simply contact us through customer support and we'll give you the details.