Leaving Feedback

Feedback is an important part of building a reputation as a responsive seller. Auction Wizard® 2000 lets you leave feedback for any or all Auction Lots on your Invoices. You can leave feedback for a single Invoice, or leave feedback for all of your Invoices at once.

You may create as many feedback messages as you like for each supported auction site. When leaving feedback in bulk, the default feedback message is selected from each Auction Lot's Auction Profile. You can select a different feedback message for any lot, or modify any message before leaving it. You can even see all of your Invoice data while choosing your feedback message. Or, you may choose to let the program randomly select "Positive" feedback messages for each winning bidder in a batch.

Notifying buyers that feedback has been left for them is a professional way to close your transaction. The Auction Wizard 2000 feedback system lets you choose an Email Template that will be used to send a message to your buyer when feedback has been posted to the auction site.

Feedback is left for one Auction Profile at a time. You can leave feedback in bulk, or one Auction Lot at a time. There is also a manual mode if needed.