Invoices are the core of Auction Wizard® 2000's after-auction functionality. Consider an invoice a "bill of sale" - the hopeful destination of every item you list for auction. Invoices provide a logical way of combining Auction Lots that were won by the same buyer. All back-end functions in Auction Wizard 2000 (notifying winning bidders via Email, recording payments, printing shipping labels and leaving feedback) are performed through Invoice management.

Invoices will automatically combine winning bids by the same bidder - even if the bidder won auctions on multiple auction sites!

Sales tax, shipping costs and tracking information are always at your fingertips. Email messages can be associated with your Invoices to facilitate communications. You can send an email message to a buyer (using an Email Template) from the Invoice window.

The status of each Invoice is automatically maintained. The customizable Grid View is available for you to conveniently inspect your Invoices at any time.

All sent and received E-mail can be viewed right from the Invoices window as well. Double click on any Email message to open it.

If you wish to add items to an Invoice manually, or merge two Invoices together, you can. Of course, you can print your Invoices as well.