Auction Profiles

An Auction Profile is a collection of settings for a single account on an auction site. They are the basis for managing your auctions using Auction Wizard® 2000. An Auction Profile includes:

  • The auction site on which Auction Lots belonging to the profile will be listed.
  • The User ID and Password used on the auction site.
  • The Email Account registered with the auction site for the User ID.
  • The FTP Account to use for storing images that will appear in listings on the auction site.
  • The default Email Templates to use when notifying winning bidders, sending second notice emails, sending payment received emails, sending item shipped emails and sending email when feedback is left.
  • The default Feedback Message to use when leaving feedback for buyers, or select the option to randomly select feedback messages.
  • The Tax Profile to use when generating Invoices.
  • Optional defaults to use for the Duration, Listing Template, Taxable and Consignor fields when creating new Auction Lots.

There is no limit to the number of auction profiles that can be created. Create an Auction Profile for every selling account you have on each auction site that Auction Wizard 2000 supports.