Auction Wizard® 2000 supports batch and single item listing. Batches are created by queuing Auction Lots for listing. This gives you the opportunity to select the date each lot should be listed, as well as select the website(s) to use for promoting them.

Multiple Auction Lots can be queued for listing at the same time from the Grid View tab on the Auction Lots window.

When you initate the listing process, the Auction Lots queued for listing on the selected date are displayed. You can choose which Auction Profiles you want to list auctions for and which ones should be skipped.

The Auction Lots are then sorted by Auction Profile for listing. Each profile is handled separately because each auction site has its own listing window.

The images you add to your Auction Lots are automatically inserted into your listings. When you begin listing Auction Lots for an Auction Profile, Auction Wizard 2000 will automatically resize your images, convert them to JPG format and upload them to the profile's web space. It will even remove images from your web space that are no longer needed.

Auction Lots can be listed two different ways:

1. For users unfamiliar with the listing process, or for those who want step-by-step control at the level of the auction site listing form, the "manual" method is best. Auction Wizard 2000 fills in the auction site's listing form and displays it in your web browser for you to review and submit. Re-listing auctions for credit is supported.

2. For those who are comfortable with the listing process, or have enough auctions that submitting each Lot manually is tedious, Auction Wizard 2000's automatic listing method is the ultimate solution. Press a button, sit back and relax. The program uploads and submits all your Auction Lots without requiring any interaction. It will even re-list auctions for credit whenever possible.

Each auction site uses a different listing window. The right-hand side of the listing window contains the listing options that relate to the site you are listing on. Each Auction Profile has its own listing options.

Although Auction Wizard 2000 is a full-featured auction lister, it is compatible with other third-party tools. If your preference is to use a different bulk listing program to put your auctions online, Auction Wizard 2000 can then download the data and manage the details of your auctions.

Auction Wizard 2000 can import your auctions directly from any supported auction site - with a choice of downloading all of them or just the ones that have not yet closed. You also have the choice of stripping out any HTML code from the descriptions or leaving it in for future use.