Inventory Items

Auction Wizard® 2000's Inventory control module is powerful enough to compete with several programs designed to manage inventory alone. Inventory Items are completely optional -- they are best used to track the quantity in-stock of items you sell regularly, or to catalog items you may want to sell later (but don't want in your Auction Lots database).

An Inventory Item record contains a description, the images associated with the item, and all of the data fields needed to sell an item on any supported auction site. Support for Item Specifics on eBay/eBay Stores is included in the program. The description can be formatted using standard word processing techniques. An unlimited number of images can accompany your inventory entries.

Data fields let you track each item's consignor, storage location, inventory category and reference identifier. There are even user-defined fields that you can use for your in-house tracking requirements. You can create an Auction Lot from an Inventory Item with just a few mouse clicks. The description, images and other data are copied to any Auction Lot(s) you create from an Inventory Item.

If you maintain a stock of items that you sell regularly, the Inventory Items commit those items in stock to any Auction Lots created from them. When the Auction Lots sell, the Inventory Items continue to track the committed stock via Invoices until the items are shipped. Through the use of the Inventory functions you will know how many you have on hand, how many are reserved for current auctions, and how many are available for sale.

Your inventory items can be viewed in the sortable Grid View - a spreadsheet-like table that gives you immediate visual feedback on the information you need quickly. The Grid View is customizable. You can change the width of any column and change the order in which the columns appear. The program will remember any changes you make.

Filtering lets you see only the items you are interest in. There are also advanced search capabilities that allow you to search by virtually any field.